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On the hour when last year’s mistakes and lessons were being recalled, my eyes followed the ball of yellow shoot straight up into the ultramarine sky. I thought it would fly until I could not see it anymore but suddenly, beside the smiling moon, it stopped with a loud pop. Instantly it dissolved into a spray of gold glitter decorating the vastness. Each speck slowly fluttered downward. At that moment, dozens of stars blanketed me and the air was filled with soft infinitely quiet giggles coming from the falling ones. I raised my hand and waited for one of them to land on my fingertip. I thought I could keep a star in my pocket. The gold shower reminded me of pixie dust and 5-year-old princesses. I could have jumped to catch one but I remained frozen. The star was happily preparing to land on my finger but right before if even grazed my skin, all of them disappeared. All that was left was the blue sky with the moon, glitter in my eyes, and a smile in my childish heart.


And There He Was

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Greetings, Stranger

I don’t know him. I’ve never seen him before. Or maybe I have for the tiniest fraction of a second but I wouldn’t remember. I saw him enter the café, awkwardly peeking in at first then aggressively searching for something while standing in one corner. I was trying not to laugh and I almost choked when his eyes locked on mine. I could feel my cheeks and neck burning. He walked with such awkwardness in his whole body but with fierce determination in his eyes. He stood in front of me and looked down at me. I bet I was red as a tomato. He asked what my name was and my voice turned into a mouse’s squeak. He sat down across me after telling me he’s been looking for me.

“Good, I guess. Because I’ve been waiting for you,” and then I burst into laughter.

Bathroom door decor

Quote by Vincent van Gogh

I stand near the edge of the platform — my toes more than a foot away. I stare at the yellow tiles as I hear the train approaching from my left. Tires screech. Brakes bite. People start to shuffle. Shoulders hit my back. Bags are swung at my hips. As the doors close with a prolonged high note, I stare at my dusty reflection, not seeing the passengers inside, not knowing if they are looking at me.The brakes unclasp and I drag my right foot forward slightly. This long segmented creature starts to crawl and I start to raise my right arm, pausing midway for less than a second. The train gains speed and I stretch my arm further to touch the metal with the tip of my finger. At full velocity, the train spreads the cold electric feeling to my whole body, magnetizing my blood, pulling it towards it. My soul is at the end of my outstretched hand and it could rush with the train any second now. My fingers twitch, wanting to latch on. I want the sudden pull. Before I reach the tail, I pull my hand back and bow my head back down. My hair whips my face.

You are blind, deaf, and almost paralyzed. Talk because that is all you can do. What if all you wanted to say is that which should not be uttered? How will you say it? Will you even say it at all? You risk destroying hope by letting the words escape your lips… or maybe they can heal all wounds. Will you remain silent?

What makes people stare out the window during a storm? It’s inevitable for most people to do so. The sudden noise and cold catches everybody’s attention.

The unusual bending of the branches, the struggle of the leaves to stay with the tree, the beating on the roof — the world might be falling apart and we are staring. The sky is weeping and the tears are left on the glass. Ears shake as the gods clap. Are you wondering what made them want to shake the windows in fury?

Or are you simply struck dumb in awe of nature? The rods of electricity slicing the sky, the salt making it red, the massive swirling of the clouds — do you feel small? Do you think all of this is beautiful and majestic? The enormity of it all is breathtaking.

Are you wondering where your lover is? The same rain clouds that are now over you may have already passed over the head of the owner of your heart. Do you feel alone? Are you afraid of running blindly through the rain in search for what you want?

Or are you just thinking of ways not to get wet? Are you pissed off your shoes might get soiled? Or are you simply waiting for it to stop?

I look around and everybody’s head is turned to the storm outside. What are they thinking about?

A thin yellow smile was in the center of everything, in the center of darkness. The light was waning as if it had been shining for too long and longed for rest. It gave enough of its last light to show its full dark circular shape to the eyes that saw. A few small stars were near enough to tell the moon that she isn’t alone.

Up north west, a mass of clouds was brewing and trying to steal my eyes away from the moon. A lightning show was starting. Every several seconds it flashes to show the clump of gray. The gray spread and decided to be selfish for it covered the moon and all the stars. The flashes increased in frequency and intensity. It showed that the sky isn’t a flat picture but a sea, denser than sea and infinitely deep.

Then the light jumped around, like a rabbit being chased around a small field filled with cotton. Every two seconds a flash would brighten the mass. Then the light would scream and a small part of the sky would become bright as day. An electric snake traced the outline of the clouds, slithering from one to another.

It was all mine. All of it.