Category: Poetry

Don’t fall in love with a poet.
He lies too beautifully.
But I won’t say that out loud
Because that also means
Don’t fall in love with me.


Sleep passed by a little too quickly tonight
In the middle of the night I lie awake
Thoughts running, walking, running
The silence of the dark, a little too loud
Tears creeping, slipping, dripping
The cracks on the shutters start to glow
Birds start to sing
And I am

The dark bedroom
One small window in the corner
Dim light beside my bed
Pitter patter on the leaves
My own deep breathing

Virgin Sacrifice

Brillian Red + Viridian Hue


Brilliant Red + Viridian Hue

My toes felt a cold wet body rub against it,
Too close for me to move.
A neck circled my ankle,
Cooling one of my weary feet.
Around my leg it tightened.
My thigh it licked.
Submitting, shivering with confusion.
The bone of my hip cupped, grabbed with force.
Full of intent, it climbed like a vine.
My naked back, my bare body.
Finally it rested on my shoulder
With its tongue on my jaw.

T and C

On my mother’s dresser was a little ceramic girl.
Dull black hair, faded blue skirt.
Curious little thing, holding half a heart,
But still with a smile fresh as first day.

Took her and placed her on my bedside.
Where is your other half?
Silly little thing, holding half a heart,
Why are you still smiling?

Found him at last underneath my father’s chair.
Dusty black hair, pink shorts nearing white.
Wonderful little thing, holding half a heart,
With a smile full of secrets.

Polished them clean — refreshed and young once more
Facing the sunset, at last they’re together.
Happy little things, holding one whole heart.
No wonder you’ve never stopped smiling.