by lovealwayscath

On the hour when last year’s mistakes and lessons were being recalled, my eyes followed the ball of yellow shoot straight up into the ultramarine sky. I thought it would fly until I could not see it anymore but suddenly, beside the smiling moon, it stopped with a loud pop. Instantly it dissolved into a spray of gold glitter decorating the vastness. Each speck slowly fluttered downward. At that moment, dozens of stars blanketed me and the air was filled with soft infinitely quiet giggles coming from the falling ones. I raised my hand and waited for one of them to land on my fingertip. I thought I could keep a star in my pocket. The gold shower reminded me of pixie dust and 5-year-old princesses. I could have jumped to catch one but I remained frozen. The star was happily preparing to land on my finger but right before if even grazed my skin, all of them disappeared. All that was left was the blue sky with the moon, glitter in my eyes, and a smile in my childish heart.