by lovealwayscath

I stand near the edge of the platform — my toes more than a foot away. I stare at the yellow tiles as I hear the train approaching from my left. Tires screech. Brakes bite. People start to shuffle. Shoulders hit my back. Bags are swung at my hips. As the doors close with a prolonged high note, I stare at my dusty reflection, not seeing the passengers inside, not knowing if they are looking at me.The brakes unclasp and I drag my right foot forward slightly. This long segmented creature starts to crawl and I start to raise my right arm, pausing midway for less than a second. The train gains speed and I stretch my arm further to touch the metal with the tip of my finger. At full velocity, the train spreads the cold electric feeling to my whole body, magnetizing my blood, pulling it towards it. My soul is at the end of my outstretched hand and it could rush with the train any second now. My fingers twitch, wanting to latch on. I want the sudden pull. Before I reach the tail, I pull my hand back and bow my head back down. My hair whips my face.