by lovealwayscath

What makes people stare out the window during a storm? It’s inevitable for most people to do so. The sudden noise and cold catches everybody’s attention.

The unusual bending of the branches, the struggle of the leaves to stay with the tree, the beating on the roof — the world might be falling apart and we are staring. The sky is weeping and the tears are left on the glass. Ears shake as the gods clap. Are you wondering what made them want to shake the windows in fury?

Or are you simply struck dumb in awe of nature? The rods of electricity slicing the sky, the salt making it red, the massive swirling of the clouds — do you feel small? Do you think all of this is beautiful and majestic? The enormity of it all is breathtaking.

Are you wondering where your lover is? The same rain clouds that are now over you may have already passed over the head of the owner of your heart. Do you feel alone? Are you afraid of running blindly through the rain in search for what you want?

Or are you just thinking of ways not to get wet? Are you pissed off your shoes might get soiled? Or are you simply waiting for it to stop?

I look around and everybody’s head is turned to the storm outside. What are they thinking about?