by lovealwayscath

A thin yellow smile was in the center of everything, in the center of darkness. The light was waning as if it had been shining for too long and longed for rest. It gave enough of its last light to show its full dark circular shape to the eyes that saw. A few small stars were near enough to tell the moon that she isn’t alone.

Up north west, a mass of clouds was brewing and trying to steal my eyes away from the moon. A lightning show was starting. Every several seconds it flashes to show the clump of gray. The gray spread and decided to be selfish for it covered the moon and all the stars. The flashes increased in frequency and intensity. It showed that the sky isn’t a flat picture but a sea, denser than sea and infinitely deep.

Then the light jumped around, like a rabbit being chased around a small field filled with cotton. Every two seconds a flash would brighten the mass. Then the light would scream and a small part of the sky would become bright as day. An electric snake traced the outline of the clouds, slithering from one to another.

It was all mine. All of it.