by lovealwayscath

My purring had failed at luring him to get in the tub with his little sweetheart. There was nothing really except for the few seconds of shallow longing. My mind had been occupied by the words and reflections of people that weren’t physically real. They were just as confused with life as I am. And at that instant, they were floating with me. They too were not really trying to make sense of anything at that moment. I focused on the tiny bubbles circling my navel. Almost all the bubbles were gone and they look like moving stars and they were all within my reach.

I got out and moved on to the shower. It felt like rain, cold rain, cold sweet rain. I washed my hair and swayed my hips to the songs of people long dead. It was good. Nothing hurt. I closed my eyes and wished this feeling would last all night. I stepped out with my red towel on my head, still swaying, and the smell of oregano greeted me. It was good because I was hungry.