by lovealwayscath

I fell down a well
Deep, deep down
I tried climbing my way out
But I broke my ankle

I shouted for help
Shouted ‘til my throat bled
I floated and treaded
As long as I could
I clung to the sides
When I couldn’t move

I waited for countless days and nights
No one came
Not even a peek
I wish I could just sleep
And let myself slowly sink

I stared endlessly at the sky
Too long to make me think
That I am one of the birds
That I am on the clouds
That I am on the moon
That I am a star

But sometimes it rains
And I drown some more
I could barely keep my head up
My fingers bled as I tried
Tried holding to the stones
The only thing left
Was to wait ‘til the rain was through

One day someone came
And looked into the well
I screamed and screamed
But he turned and left
Without a reply
I didn’t know why
He did not hear me
Maybe it’s because
I’m too deep down