by lovealwayscath

He kissed me when we were in front of the cafe that is to be one of our special places. That was our first kiss. His kisses made me weak. Then he told me he loved me in a happy whisper. And that was the first time he said he did. And then he said it again like he wanted to laugh. His kisses started telling me something more. They started shouting something directly to my heart. As if they weren’t enough, again, he said he loved me. It was full of longing, truth, and power. He wanted me to believe and never doubt. He wanted me to know the truth. I trembled uncontrollably as if my body was full of volatile energy. He held me tight and it was good or I might have broken down. It wasn’t fear of trouble that made me freeze. It wasn’t the questions in my head that shocked me. It was the enormity of the truth I did not understand.