by lovealwayscath

I fell in love with a man with a clock for a heart. He is still a normal human who feels joy, pain, sorrow, and love. He loves me, I know. He loves me when he is awake. He writes for me. He gives me flowers. He wraps his arms around me, kisses me, fucks me.

His clock is his master. Sometimes, it is cruel. Generous. Strict. Confused. Sometimes, it gives a warning. Most of the times, it doesn’t.

But one thing is certain, he is always taken away from me. The clock let’s us have a happy time for a little while but then it will tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. I am never sure how long it will last. Tick. Tock. And when the nerve-wracking sound ends, his heart stops beating. He drops to the floor and has time to only say three words: See you later. Then he blacks out.