by lovealwayscath

His room had the most beautiful view. The windows were positioned so one can see the horizon. If you were sitting on the bed and a ship happens to pass by, it would look like the ship is gliding on the window sill. And when the sun sets, the sky catches fire and the only thing that tries to soothe it are the purple clouds.

The room had a veranda. I grabbed my camera and when I went out, the sea welcomed me. The water was green and very dark. The air was filled with salt and the cries of sea birds. There were a couple of boats with masts. I’m not sure what kind of boats they were but they had more than one deck. They were going home since the sky was starting to darken. To the left, there was some sort of gallery. There were models of boat, some made of shell and others made of metal. They were exquisite even from afar. To the right, there was a white stone island with more and better boat models. There were small grizzly bears roaming around it and they had boat models strapped to their bodies. I’m not sure why they were there in a huge piece of stone surrounded by deep water.

I wanted to step to the gallery or to the island. I would have loved to look at the models closer. I wouldn’t even mind if I pricked my finger on the terribly beautiful sails and masts. But as I stepped forward, I realized to go where I wanted to go I had to get closer to the water. It is one of my biggest fears to go far to sea. I never could go very far. The water was so dark that fear gripped me and I momentarily sat on the veranda frozen. As magnificent everything was, I had to step back and go back inside.