by lovealwayscath

Is there any chance I could hide you? I know you have a duty and I know it would bring everyone honor but you’ll kill me by leaving. Run away with me. Please, my love, stay. I can’t sit on endless days not knowing if you are still alive. I don’t ever want to receive news that you have been taken from me forever. I am alone. Stay. Stay.

If I can’t change anything, then, please kiss me. Hold me until dawn. I will pretend this is the last but I will never cease praying that it won’t. Kiss me everywhere. Gently. Then roughly. I will be forever yours. I already am. Do what you want with me, my king. You know my body as much as you know your sword. Take me. Press your lips against me. Let your heart burn through my very skin. Let your burning love wrap me for all eternity.

Give me one last gift. A gift that will accompany me through the rest of my life. A gift that I will treasure. A gift that will be my world. A gift with your blood flowing through its veins.

Think of me wherever you go. I will be in the mountains, the rivers, the sky. Let me be your hope. And you are always mine. Return safely home. I will be waiting. We will be waiting.